About us

WINTERINA is a fashion brand inspired by figure skating and the ability to inspire and empower that it holds. The brand is born through Johanna Castillo, who shares her personal journey of learning figure skating as an adult and bringing her dream of creating a brand full of passion for all. This is how WINTERINA comes to life, by combining her love for figure skating and fashion.

Our focus on empowering women starts from a young age, our children’s line offers custom mini-me versions of our icon products while keeping the little ones warm in icy conditions. 

WINTERINA is head-turning show wear, designed to make everyone feel like a winner. Sleek fabrics reflect the agility and fluidity that a figure skater has on the ice, and sparkling embellishments are a celebration of will power and determination. We are a world of fun and daring design for women with a winner mindset

The World of Winterina

In the ethereal world of figure skating, where every glide and twirl is a dance with destiny, we are not just a brand – we are a celebration of the extraordinary. Welcome to Winterina, where each sequin, each stitch, and every thread tells a story of ambition, resilience, and unlimited sparkle. 

In the quiet solitude of the ice rink, under the spotlight's gentle glow, we understand that it's not just about the performance – it's about the radiance that comes from within. Our apparel is a symphony of color and shine, a manifestation of the shimmering spirit that defines every true figure skater. We believe in the winner's mindset, a relentless pursuit of excellence that knows no bounds. Our brand is a celebration of the strength, grace, and unwavering determination that resides within every woman and child who steps onto the ice.

We invite you to embrace the sparkle within. Our designs are not just an extension of your routine; they are an expression of your brilliance. From the delicately embellished dresses to the crystal embellished accessories that catch the light with every spin, our pieces are a celebration of your unique radiance and magic.